Welcome back to school or, if you are new here, welcome to the school! The Pupils’ Committee hopes you’ve had nice holidays and are well prepared for yet another school year.

This is just to inform you of how exactly the first day of school, 5 September 2022, is going to go down, in case you’ve missed the notice.
Over the last few months, the Pupils’ Committee, in close collaboration with the school management, has worked to completely review the first day of school for all secondary students, eliminating most academic tasks to ensure a stress-free, welcoming, and teambuilding environment.

To guarantee the successful organization of this reworked first day at school, it is essential for students to only come in at the specific time foreseen in the schedule below. The only ones who are expected to be here throughout the entire school day, from 8:30 to 15:20, are all S1 students and S2 newcomers.

This means that most students will be required to come to school with their own transportation means, at the right time. As the school has no alternative program to offer to those who come before the foreseen time and their early arrival would only complicate the situation for its organizers, the school managements asks of you to make the necessary practical arrangements in advance.

In the afternoon, buses will be departing from the bus parking space at 15:30 as usually. Please note that this bus service is provided by the APEEE and is only available to its subscribers.
The APEEE bus schedule is as follows:
– Arrival at arround 8:00 (meaning all Primary, all S1 students, and S2 newcomers can take the bus)
– Departure at 13:00 (only for Primary students)
– Departure at 15:30 for all Secondary students