2022-2023 Team

To become more familiar with how the Pupils’ Committee works and to learn more about the structure of the Pupils’ Committee and its legal aspects, click here.

The CDE Team

This year’s CDE is made up of 32 students from S2 to S7. 6 are missing from the picture below due to absences.

The Presidency

The CDE’s presidency oversees everything that happens in the CDE and make sure everything is running smoothly.

President: Sarnath Gesquiere (right)
Vice President: Mihail-David Staicu (left)

The Inner Core Team

The Inner Core team is comprised of the Presidency as well as the Secretary (Francisco), Treasurer (Erik) and Deputy Treasurer (Luukas). The Treasury is in charge of the CDE’s finances, including making money transfers and financial reports. The Secretary is in charge of taking notes during meetings.

Members (from left to right): Mihail, Sarnath, Luukas, Erik, Francisco

The Core Team

The Core team is made up of the Inner Core team as well as the heads from each CDE team, as well as the Head of Synchronisation and Coordination (H.O.S.A.C.) (Elitsa).

Members (from left to right): Luukas, Samuel, Oscar, Dillon, Elitsa, Francisco, Sarnath, Mihail, Julia, Linnéa, Anushka, Taimi, Erik, Martin, Konstantin

The Public Relations Team

The PR team is in charge of all communications between the CDE and the wider student community. This year’s team has 6 members, including the Head (Luukas), Deputy Head (Elena), H.O.S.A.C. (Elitsa), Social Media Managers (Daniel & Elitsa), Photographer (Francisco), and Minuteman (Andrei). The magazine team is a sub-team of PR, co-lead by Linnéa and Saverio (not in the picture).

Members (from left to right): Andrei, Daniel, Elena (Deputy Head), Elitsa, Luukas (Head), Francisco

The Kehoe Grand Debates Team

As the name suggests, the Kehoe Grand debates team is in charge of the organisation of the yearly Grand Debates. This year’s team is made up of 4 members; Taimi Alberti (Head), Andrei Crinta (Deputy Head), Angelica Locchi (Head of Mentoring) and Elena Zvonkutė (Deputy Head of Mentoring).

Members (from left to right): Elena, Taimi (Head), Andrei (Deputy Head), Angelica

The Leisure Team

The Leisure Team organises numerous events throughout the year to make school life more exciting. We’re responsible for events such as the Halloween competition, the Talent Show, sports competitions, parties, and more.

Members (from left to right): Marco, Asnate, Nora, Samuel (Deputy Head), Oscar (Head), Anushka, Katrīna, Rebecca, Elena, Naija, Daniel

The Improvement Team

The Improvement Team is in charge of improving some aspects of the secondary school for the students and making positive changes to the CDE itself. It aims to ameliorate student’s school lives by making adjustments to the environment (preaus, playgrounds, study rooms, etc.) and introducing innovation which benefit the students (comfort, activities, etc.). This year, it consists of 7 members including Konstantin acting as the Head, Nora as Deputy Head, Asnate, Denisa, Elena, Naija and Yann all working on different projects such as making a relax zone and adding suggestion boxes.

Members (from left to right): Asnate, Nora (Deputy Head), Denisa, Konstantin (Head), Elena, Naija

The Amnesty Team

The Amnesty Team is a group of people who are dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate in the world. To do so we organise different sales, the profit of which goes to charity, meaning that it is a way for us to help others, but also something for students to enjoy!

Members (from left to right): Julia, Linnéa, Ema (Deputy Head), Anushka (Head), Katrīna, Nora

The Well-Being Team

The Well-Being Team consists of 4 members, all crucial to delivering our initiatives. Instead of having a designated Head and Deputy, we have decided to equally divide the responsibilities between two co-heads (Linnéa and Julia), voted on by the CDE. Additionally, we work closely with representatives from each advisory board – including Lifeskills, Anti-Sexual Harrasment and Eco-group – in creating a more positive school environment.

Members (from left to right): Elitsa, Julia (Co-Head), Linnéa (Co-Head), Taimi

The Mini-CDE Team

The Mini-CDE is a bi-weekly opportunity for S1 and S2 class representatives to share their and their peers’ concerns, initiatives, feedback and ideas on how to improve their daily lives. It’s communicated to us and we then share the discussed ideas with the rest of the CDE and see what we can do about it!

Members (from left to right): Marco, Asnate (Co-Head), Anushka, Denisa (Co-Head)

The IT Team

The IT Team is responsible for managing the technical side of the CDE. We take care of the website alongside the server it’s hosted on, and we also help out on other CDE projects when IT assistance is needed.

Members (from left to right): Yann, Francisco (Head), Daniel (Deputy Head), Andrei

The First Day of School Team

After the success of this year’s first day of school, the CDE has decided to create a team dedicated to working on and improving this day, so that every new and old student can feel welcome at EEB2 every year!

Members (from left to right): Andrei, Marco, Naija, Elena, Elitsa, Julia, Samuel (Incoming Coordinator), Dillon (Outgoing Coordinator)

The Brussels Model United Nations Team

Our team organises an epic event called the Brussels United Nations, or BRUMUN for short. It is an event which simulates the United Nations. It had been organised at our school years ago by the late Mr. Kehoe, and after many years without one, it will finally be taking place again in October 2023. Participants will be representing countries, and will negotiate and debate on various international issues, such as the war in Ukraine, climate change, etc.

Members (from left to right): Erik, Andrei, Martin (Head), Gustavs (Deputy Head), Taimi

The Website Team

The Website Team was created in 2021 and is in charge of this website. Its members are the IT Team as well as externally contracted students who are not part of the Pupils’ Committee. Their duty is to keep everything regarding the website running. This includes supervising server uptimes, posting articles, responding to contact forms, updating and publishing pages, and running the e-shop. If you face any issues or notice your browsing experience is not as smooth as you would have hoped, please submit a contact form so we can look into your issue!

2021-2022 members : Francisco (Head), Jonathan (Lead Developer)

2022-2023 members : Francisco (Head), Daniel, Yann, Andrei, Jonathan (Lead Developer)