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(Brussels, Belgium) The CdE today, 25.04.22, elected its new Electoral Committee for the 2022-2023 school year. In today’s weekly general meeting for the Student Council, members took the decision to elect two Heads this year for the group. This comes as the CdE looks to further integrate a standardised election procedure for all European Schools, coordinated by the highest-level body of student representation, CoSup.

The Electoral Committee of 2021-2022 led by current Vice-President Dillon Shah, was charged with handling the school-wide elections for the President of which there were 3 candidates, out of which Amelie J. Schobesberger was voted in. This year, according to the revisions to the CoSup election procedures for each individual CdE, both the President and the Vice-President will be voted in through school-wide elections. As a result, the workload for the Electoral Committee has effectively doubled, resulting in an almost equally respective increase in size to the number of team members (from 4 to 6).

Head of last year’s Electoral Committee, Dillon Shah, who is now Vice-President of the CdE and member of this year’s Electoral Committee. Photo by EEB2’s Media Club.

The new team consists of two co-heads, namely, Ema Stratilatovaitė and Amelie J. Schobesberger. The members of the team include Dillon Shah, Taimi Alberti, Darina Alexandrova and Francisco Carriço, all of which were unanimously voted in.

Current Outlook

Initially it was hoped to hold two separate elections: one for the President and the other for the Vice-President, once the CdE itself had been elected by the Class Representatives. However, taking into account the expected disapproval from teachers based on the class time missed as a result of the elections, it has already been decided that the Presidential elections will occur in front of the entire school in-situ as planned, while the Vice-Presidential elections will be digital; the candidates will film a video of themselves which will be sent out to all students to vote on paper for analysing by the Electoral Committee.

The CdE is completely reelected at the start of each year and it is up to the Electoral Committee to ensure that that happens. The Class Representatives are elected on the first day of school, whose names are then passed on to the Electoral Committee who invite them to the CdE candidate elections soon after. Candidates each present themselves one after another and are selected/not selected by the Class Representatives. After, Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates prepare for their upcoming elections.

Pictured above is Zoé Lanove, member of the Electoral Committee 2021-2022.

About the CdE

The Pupils’ Committee represents all Secondary students at the European School of Brussels II in Woluwé. It also represents all cycles (including kindergarten and primary) in both sites (Woluwé and Evere) on the topic of overcrowding. Focus areas this year for the Committee include overcrowding, well-being, collaboration with management and stakeholders on COVID-19 measures and finally the Ukrainian crisis and the welcoming of new students into the schooling system.

Contacts (for more information/questions/comments)

Ema Stratilatovaitė || ema.stratilatovaitė
Co-Head of the Electoral Committee

Amelie J. Schobesberger || [email protected]
Co-Head of the Electoral Committee

Federico Borgini || [email protected]
Head of CdE Public Relations