(Herent, Belgium) The Pupils’ Committee of the  European School of Brussels II (Woluwe) had its first proper “team building” of the year, postponed from September due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Normally, members of the pupils’ committee travel to Ostend in September after their election. There, the members come together to begin planning for the year’s projects and brainstorm, creativity and imagination playing a major role throughout.

The Pupils’ Committee in Herent on Wednesday 27 April.

Given that this year’s team building in Herent is taking place at the end of April with the year coming to a close, the brainstorming session (which in fact already took place prior, at school itself) will not happen.

The train ride to Herent from Gare Centrale will give the Grand Debate team some in-person interaction and final planning potential, given that the first of the events, the S5 Grand Debate, takes place this Friday! Meanwhile, the other members of the team will help where needed and/or relax and enjoy the sights of Belgium.

In Herent, a number of team building activities and games were played and ideas were shared fruitfully – including a form of archery, fire building and more.

The day was very much enjoyable – and while it may have been at the end of the year, it’s never too late for a school trip!

The Pupils’ Committee thanks the school for organising this event. Next year, a trip to Ostende is anticipated for the newly elected members of the CdE in September 2022. The Electoral Committee which was recently elected will ensure the elections take place well-prior to the trip to Ostende.