(Brussels, Belgium): The CdE has launched a serious advertising campaign promoting its First Day of School (FDOS) project, in an attempt to boost applications from existing students for the so-called “CdE Takeover”.

The FDOS project, initiated by Dillon Shah for the Pupils’ Committee.

The advertising campaign is completely digital and will see L1 language teachers in Secondary 5 and 6 showcasing a video created by Dillon Shah, coordinator of the FDOS project. In it, students are invited to sign up to guide the new students entering EEBII in S2-S6 as well as all the S1s. In addition, students that sign up would be asked to answer questions posed by the newcomers.

This project is part of a series of initiatives taken by the Pupils’ Committee this year to improve school life. Other large initiatives include the start of the Buddy System which is similar in its objectives.

The video sent to all L1 teachers in S5-S6 to promote the project is linked here. The deadline for sign-ups is the 31 May, however the Pupils’ Committee encourages all interested students to apply ASAP.

Details on applying is available at the end of the video: send a brief email to [email protected] indicating interest, the applicant’s class and finally reasons for signing up.

The entire overview of the First Day of School project is available on our website (Projects => First Day of School (FDOS) Revision).