Presidency members: Sarnath Gesquiere (right), David-Mihail Staicu (left)

During the past year, the presidency has led the CdE, pushing through reform such as the revised statute.

Overpopulation taskforce

Head of team: Dillon Shah

You can find the overpopulation taskforce end of year report here.

Public Relations team

Head of team: Luukas Pitkänen


  • This year’s PR Team tightened the frequency of updates for the CdE’s Instagram account and made the format of the posts more consistent. There was also engagement through stories for important topics such as representation at CEES points, new school ideas, and the well-being advisory board.
  • The name of the account was changed from eeb2official to eeb2cde. The account stopped following individual people. 


  • Kept in contact with CoSup by attending all its PR meetings and maintained cordial relations by advertising their events and posting things such as the national day updates at the same time as the other European schools’ Instagram accounts. 
  • Updated and returned the school documentary that had been years in the making. 


  • The VOICED School Magazine has been in production for the second consecutive year, after its initial start in the 2021-2022 school year. This year, the Magazine Team has expanded from a few members, to separate sub-teams in its three branches – proofreading, graphic design, and advertising. Contributions from the school community have significantly decreased from the first year, nonetheless, some very promising pieces are on their way. Check it out now.


  • Collaboration with EEB3 for TEDx event. 
  • Spread of the 13 Stars Newspaper with email to advisors. 
  • Brought back the CDE suggestion boxes to each preau. 
  • Organized relaxation zone opening ceremony. 
  • The IT Team, responsible for the CDE’s website, separated from the PR Team and thus no longer answers to the PR Head. 

Initiatives that were pursued but not finished  

  • CdE TikTok account. The project was left unfinished because of an unfortunate lack of time.
  • CdE Instagram interviews. The project was canceled by the presidency. 
  • Kingmaker (CdE guidebook). The project was left unfinished because of the lack of time.


Leisure team

Head of the team: Oscar Solé

Halloween costume competition

  • Posters and instagram posts were made to promote the event
  • Over 40 participants for s1-s3
  • ~20 participants for s4-s7
  • Forms with pictures of the costumes was made for the students to vote for the best costume of the day.
  • Made older students come in costume for Halloween, which brightens up many pupils day
  • A prize was given out to the 2 winners of each group (s1-s3 and s4-s7)

Talent show

  • Posters and instagram posts were made to promote the event
  • Auditions were held in sjm
  • 14 participants out of the 17 auditioneers were accepted to perform during the show
  • Judges had to be recruited: 1 art teacher, 1 sport teacher, 1 music teacher
  • Great show of approximately 1h30min
  • A public of ~200 people, capacity of 400+ in salle pollyvalente
  • A prize was given out to the 3 first candidates

Cooking competition (footfest)

  • Posters and instagram posts were made to promote the event
  • 10 participants had prepared 1 dessert each
  • Judge and main organizer of the event, Andrea Marco, tasted the dishes together with three other judges during footfest.
  • A prize was given out to the 3 first candidates

In general

  • It is difficult to start from zero, as there has been no active leisure team for the past couple of years
  • We wanted to organise a sports competition, which was taken over by vice-president Mihail Staicu in the form of a basketball tournament, with the same structure as interclass.
  • A lot of time was used to prepare the talent show

Improvement team

Head of the team: Konstantin Askaldis

Queues & Scanners 

Many attempts to shorten queue time have been made but they failed every single time due to various budgetary and administrative reasons. Fortunately, plans have already been made for 2025 to completely reconstruct the entry area of the school and make it more modern and practical. 

Gym room

This project was personally taken over by the vice-president. The main limitation we encountered to implement it was the lack of sports teachers or surveillants available to make sure students would safely use the equipment we were buying.

Tote Bags and Diversity in merchandise  

Unfortunately, the Improvement Team did not have enough time to diversify the schools merchandise and create new designs which means that tote bags and other accessories have not been added to the school’s shop. 

Menstrual Products 

The Improvement Team has started working on the project which aims to make period/ menstrual products more accessible to the students. Konstantin had a meeting with the nurse which advised him not to use tampons as they may cause “Toxic Shock Syndrome” and cause severe problems. The Team has decided that the paid version of the project made more sense where students would come and buy pads at low costs if ever needed at multiple locations. 

Better Wi-Fi 

The management currently is expanding the physical infrastructure of the Wifi-network for next year thanks to student feedback. The BYOD network has also seen immense improvement throughout this school year, and will continue to do so in future. To log in to the BYOD network, simply follow the same login procedure as on a school computer.

Suggestion Boxes 

Suggestion Boxes have been places in each of the preau’s in the conseillers office. Pupils can suggest anything that they think would make the school better by writing some suggestions on a suggestion form paper (A5 papers have been printed out for the students so they can complete them and put them inside the boxes). A QR code was made for students to access an online form where they can do the same thing and write their name, class, and suggestion. The boxes are checked every month.

Kehoe Grand Debates team

Head of team: Taimi Alberti

This year’s Grand Debate team achieved two things. The change of the debate’s name to the “Kehoe Grand Debates” after the late Colm Kehoe, who was the founder of the debates at our school and inspired countless students. The second, and more obvious thing, is that we managed to have ever student from s1 to s6 attend the debates, that took place over the course of just three days in the salle polyvalente. All of this is thanks to a hard-working team composed of just four members: Taimi Alberti, Andrei Crinta, Angelica Locchi and Elena Zvonkuté.

Amnesty team

Head of team: Anushka Shah

With the help of recruited volunteers, the Amnesty Team has completed a total of 2 sales this year, the profits of which all went to their designated charities.

Bake sale

International day against violence against women

To celebrate and bring attention to the international day against violence against women, the Amnesty team organized  a bake sale, which took place over the course of 3 days. With the help of recruited bakers and stand volunteers, we sold a variety of different sweet treats to the students, as well complimentary hand made ribbons (a symbol of support for the special day) and information cards about important and influential women.

The profits of this sale was given to the Malala foundation.

Rose sale

Valentine’s day

As promised, the Amnesty team successfully organized the annual St.Valentine’s day rose sale.

This year, we sold 380 roses to the students rather than the expected 180, when, after selling out in 2 days, the students demanded for us to give them more. Of course, the students ask and we deliver – so this year, not only did we successfully organize the infamous rose sale, we also came up with 200 more rose tickets quite literally overnight (which also sold out in a matter of days). All of the profit from this sale was given to the CPVCF charity.

Mini-CdE team

Heads of team: Asnate Aizsila, Denisa Burja


Throughout the school year 2022-2023 the Mini-CDE team (Denisa BURJA, Anushka SHAH, Andrea Marco DI TARANTO and Asnate AIZSILA) have kept the s1 and s2 class representatives and their substitutes informed on what the CDE is working on. We met up every other week, answering their questions and concerns about our school and the functioning of it.  

Ideas on improvement: 

During these biweekly meetings we also asked the class representatives to communicate any suggestions or ideas from their class on how to improve their daily lives. Although most of the time, their ideas were not within the department of the CDE, but the APEEE, so we redirected them to contact the APEEE. 


Dillon SHAH (S7ENA), Head of the Overpopulation Task Force, attended one of our meetings explaining our current overpopulation problem, and informing the Mini-CDE on how the Overpopulation Task Force is tackling it. 


The Mini-CDE meetings were used as a form of communication between the younger and older years, and a way for the younger years to be heard by the CDE. 

FDOS team

Head of team: Samuel Sáez Törnblom

FDOS (first day of school) is a branch within the CDE which are working towards the goal of making school easier for students by making them understand the environment that they will be working in. on the fist day students will get a tour around the school by volunteers or guides which will consist of key points and key locations even some rooms where staff that might be helpful to them. These volunteers will answer any questions the new students have and get them to the right room.

This year, FDOS has accomplished a lot even before the main event. Currently, FDOS has enough members to handle the large quantity of students who will be arriving at the secondary building of the school. We successfully attracted the desired number of volunteers/guides through effective promotion methods such as posters and social media.

FDOS faced some challenges with the schedule, as the first day falls on a Wednesday, when younger students were not originally scheduled to have school after 5th period. This meant that the schedule from last year would not be applicable. However, we were able to overcome this obstacle by creating a new schedule.

We have efficiently organized ourselves and are currently focusing on finalizing the remaining details for the upcoming year, including posters and more.

Well-being team

Heads of team: Linnea Lindfors, Julia Bottka

  • Anti-bullying policy was finished and presented
  • Students joined the mental health working group
  • Raised money during the annual Footfest selling tote bags at the CDE stand
  • Continual student representation in different working groups
  • Student representation at bi-yearly WAB (Well-Being Advisory Board) meeting


  • Head of team: Martin Rezessy