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(Brussels, Belgium) The Pupils’ Committee (CdE) of the European School of Brussels II on Wednesday 7 April, met with the newly elected President of the Parents Association (APEEE), Mr. Wolfgang Münch.

Elected just recently, the Pupils’ Committee took the initiative to organise a meeting to introduce and discuss priorities on all fronts between the two stakeholders of the school and establish key areas of possible collaboration. Student representatives present included 2021-2022 President, Amelie J. Schobesberger (S6DEA) and Vice-President Dillon Shah (S6ENA).

“Fruitful cooperation between the CdE and APEEE is vital to improve school life for students. We are happy to be able to further strengthen ties between us and the Parents.”

Amelie J. Schobesberger, President of the Pupils’ Committee (CdE).

Among other topics, the discussion revolved around the overcrowding situation at the school as well as well-being. Also discussed was existing cooperation this year between the two stakeholders on a number of topics, including the very successful Good Cause Waffles initiative. Both the Students and the President of the APEEE agreed that closer collaboration is essential over the course of the next few months, although this does not always apply to all areas – périscolaire activities organised by the APEEE for example, as well as small projects organised by the CdE.

“Sports T-Shirts, the buddy system and canteen management are all areas of close collaboration between the students and the parents that we look forward to strengthening during the remainder of our mandates. It is encouraging to see the engagement so far on the APEEE side.”

Dillon Shah, Vice-President of the Pupils’ committee (CdE)

About the CdE

The Pupils’ Committee represents all Secondary students at the European School of Brussels II in Woluwé. It also represents all cycles (including kindergarten and primary) in both sites (Woluwé and Evere) on the topic of overcrowding. Focus areas this year for the Committee include overcrowding, well-being, collaboration with management and stakeholders on COVID-19 measures and finally the Ukrainian crisis and the welcoming of new students into the schooling system.

Contacts (for more information/questions/comments)

Dillon SHAH || [email protected]
Vice-President of the CdE

Amelie J. Schobesberger || [email protected]
President of the CdE

Federico Borgini || [email protected]
Head of CdE Public Relations