The Pupils' Committee

Your Vision, Our Mission.

Shop Disclaimer

Thank you for your enthusiasm in ordering the school jumpers. We have ended sales on 5 May, 2022, with a total of 832 orders for school jumpers.  We will donate 50% of our profits to a charity project which the Committee will vote on next week. The other 50% of the profits will be used for Pupils’ Committee initiatives to improve student life. You will all be able to pick up the jumpers within a month or two. When the jumpers have arrived, we will contact you about the location to pick them up.
Stay tuned for our communication. If you miss the pickup times, don’t worry! We will make sure everyone who forgot their jumper will be informed about it.
We guarantee that we will deliver our jumpers to our customers.

Note: Using the contact form to ask for a last-minute purchase will sadly not be possible as we are already in the next stage of the production process and the number of items ordered cannot be modified anymore.