The Relax Zone

Tired of searching for a comfortable spot in our overcrowded school? Need a place to study in peace, chill with friends or simply do nothing? Then we’ve heard your concerns. Together with school management, we are working to create an entirely new “Relax Zone” which will be in the space between the cafeteria and the pre-fabs, in the so-called “Chapiteau”. Coordination of this project is undertaken by CdE President, Amelie J. Schobesberger.

First initiated under the Anya Staudenmayer-led CdE, we are continuing the project’s development based on the wonderful planning provided by the previous Pupils Committee. Following detailed conversations with management and architects, a plan has been drafted up (with a 3D model of what our plan looks like). We would love to share these designs with you all but we are not at liberty to do so given how complex the project is and how likely adjustments are to be; in other words, we don’t want to guarantee a design that may not actually be what the real thing looks like.

Next steps include financing which will be taken care of by the school, subject to budgetary limitations. We are working to guarantee that this project is completed by the end of the year. However, with COVID-19 and other factors having severely impacted freedom in budgetary expenditure, it is looking quite difficult.

On the other hand, is is to be noted that the school management is open and supportive of the initiative and is trying their hardest to ensure its realisation.

For any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Coordinator and President of the CdE, Amelie J. Schobesberger through the following email address: [email protected].