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Buddy System for S2-S6

As of right now we have thought of a buddy system for new students coming into secondary (excluding S1) for which we would have every class representative find in their respective classes one or two people who would be willing to welcome new students next year. We would create a list of these buddies and when the time comes at the beginning of the next school year, we would contact them and introduce them to new students who they should take care of.

This would entirely be coordinated by members of the CDE as not to add extra work for the educational advisors.

We still need to work out the details of how it’s going to work on the first day of school, but the idea was to present this plan at the class rep meeting on Friday with the aim of informing all class reps of this plan and having them look for potential buddies in their classes. Do you think that we can present this idea on Friday? Any and all feedback is as always more that welcome. This system would work for students in S2 and up.

Coordination of this project is undertaken by the Improvement Team led by Sarlote Abatniece. To contact her, send an email to the following address: [email protected].

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